A collection unlike any other: designed from the ground up, by a new dedicated team. Fresh, innovative and colourful. Different themes, united by the different colors of our nature. All the fabrics in this collection are completely Made in Italy. We have applied important finishes to make the most of them! Cinzatura, innovative washing, cold dyeing, coating, water repellent treatment are some examples of finishing. The dyeing of the cottons is carried out continuously to ensure maximum uniformity. The wool and viscose/wool creeps are finished to obtain the maximum shrinkage and movement effects of the fabric. The compositions in the shuttle go from 100% polyester to 100% cotton, cotton/linen, 100% viscose, viscose/wool, 100% wool. In the Jersey part, cotton, cotton/polyester, linen and viscose predominate. All the faded (or cold-dyed) items are sold already washed so the fabric no longer drains, but the customer can also buy the unwashed item and carry out the washing himself to unload the fabric. Inspiration comes from nature, come and discover it!