Mapel takes pride in its state-of-the-art production process, combining innovation and craftsmanship to produce exceptional fabrics.

As the largest in- house weaving facility in Europe, we have made significant investments in advanced weaving technology and expanded our facilities to cater to a wide range of weaving capabilities.

Our expansive weaving facility enables us to take on ambitious projects and manufacture diverse fabrics, including high pile velvets and intricate patterns. With precision and efficiency, our advanced looms handle various weaving techniques to meet the highest standards of quality.

Let’s take you through our journey, from raw materials to the finest knitted and woven fabrics:

Raw Material Warehouse

Mapel’s production process begins in the Raw Material Warehouse, where a wide range of high-quality fibers such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, and wool are carefully stocked. These fibers serve as the foundation for fabric production, ensuring the excellence expected from Mapel.

From Yarn to a Woven Fabric:


In the pile weaving system, piles are orchestrated by the warp. The first crucial step involves warping the yarns to produce the warp chain, setting the foundation for the weaving process.

High Pile Velvet Looms

The warp chain is expertly woven using high pile velvet looms, resulting in a woven fabric with intricate patterns, textures, and pile heights, showcasing unparalleled quality and elegance.

From Fiber to a Knit Fabric:


Fibers are blended in precise compositions and colors through the carding process, starting with bale opening and thorough blending in a specialized chamber. The fibers then pass through a meticulous pipe system, eventually reaching the carding machine, where they transform into a continuous silver band. This silver band is boxed and sets the stage for the subsequent knitting process.


Circular knitting follows, where the silver band is skillfully knitted with a backing yarn to create a tubular structure with a high pile. Rigorous quality control checks are conducted by our expert team before moving forward to ensure the fabric meets stringent standards.

Back-coating and Finishing

After quality control, the fabric undergoes backcoating to enhance its performance and durability. Skilled artisans meticulously complete the finishing process, ensuring the fabric achieves the desired texture and characteristics.

Throughout the production process, Mapel emphasizes precision, innovation, and sustainability.

We take pride in offering fabrics that exemplify excellence, tailored to meet diverse market demands.

Our fusion of tradition and technology pushes the boundaries of textile innovation, reflecting our commitment to delivering high-performance fabrics.

Join us in this journey where passion, craftsmanship, and innovation unite to shape the future of the textile industry.


Welcome to the world of Mapel, where fabrics come to life with excellence and distinction.