Mapel takes great pride in its extensive archives that have meticulously preserved over 40 years of the company’s history. This dedicated archive serves as a real showroom, housing a treasure trove of the company’s heritage. It is not only a source of inspiration for both customers and the Mapel team but also a testament to years of experimentation, notable achievements, and profound expertise.

The Mapel archive serves as a valuable resource, encompassing the entire history of the company and its rich technical and research experiences. It stands as a source of creative inspiration for customers and designers who seek to explore and consult the archive’s vast collection. Whether they are seeking innovative designs, historical references, or industry trends, the archive provides a wealth of knowledge and visual references.

Moreover, the Mapel archive plays a crucial role in nurturing the continuous creativity and innovation of the external team. By delving into the archive’s wealth of information and historical context, the team gains insights that help them create new and distinctive qualities in Mapel’s fabrics. The archive acts as a constant source of inspiration, allowing the external team to build upon the company’s legacy and craft innovative and unique textile solutions time and time again.

Overall, the Mapel archive stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to preserving its heritage, technical expertise, and research advancements. It serves as an invaluable resource for both internal and external stakeholders, inspiring creativity, fostering innovation, and propelling Mapel forward in the ever-evolving textile industry.