Boiled wool fabrics - Find them at Mapel
Mapel: specialists in pile textiles. From boiled and mohair wool to carpet and cleaning fabrics, we fashion and technical fabrics.
Knitted and woven fabrics. Boiled wool fabrics. Cleaning fabrics. Jacquard fabrics. Coat and poncho fabrics. Paintroller fabrics.


Weaving the change

Forty years-story in the pile fabric world.

It was the sixties when Padrini Vittorio and Marcello Bros. started their first steps in the pile fabrics world with VI-MA Carding department, producing semi-finished raw materials on behalf of third parties and trading with synthetic fibers.

In 1977, thanks to their great experience, they founded MAPEL SpA, a Company which has evolved in the years and enlarged up to reach a covered surface of 20.000 sqm. and to become a complete vertical production-cycle company.

In its evolution Mapel SpA has developed many different kinds of products so to create various division such as footwear, garments and furniture, up to technical fabric division. Mapel SpA has a worldwide commercial net and always looks for new markets.

Our strength is the big flexibility of our structure which can adapt itself to the various demands of the market and carefully follows our research and development department's advices.